Golf For All

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Golf Game?

I’ve been giving golf lessons for almost 40 yrs. and it’s still a blast. Nothing beats seeing the look on someone’s face when they hit a solid, compressed, baby draw and you just know that little voice in their head is going “Yes!” as they watch it sail off into the distance.

Most of you come to me with a couple things wrong with your grip, stance or swing. But what you don’t realize is how much the golf club itself can be part of the problem. As a matter of fact, there hasn’t been a single person come to me that didn’t need something tweaked on their clubs to make them work better.

Golf Lessons

If you want to come to me it will be a three part procedure. First, we will meet and I will watch you hit some balls. That’s Lesson One. Then I will take your clubs home and do a thorough evaluation of them and make any necessary changes. Then we meet again for Lesson Two. This is the fun one. Now you have made a few swing changes and are getting to use perfectly fitted clubs (maybe for the first time in your life). The results are pretty cool. You begin hitting shot after shot either dead straight or with a baby draw. You see, hitting good golf shots isn’t really that hard to do. At that point we are basically finished.  Of course we can do a couple more lessons on short game stuff but your full swing is good to go.

In addition, I’ve been working in my golf workshop for the last 20 years to create clubs and products that help your golf game.

Golf Products


The Pink Putter
in 1993 my wife found that dreaded “lump” that 1 out of every 8 women will find in their lifetime. And so to commemorate Wendy and her courageous battle with breast cancer I decided to make a pink putter called the WB93.


Golf Ball Water Globe
Most golf ball water globes are made using a standard golf tee. The diameter of these tees is just a little too small for this game. It makes it a hair too difficult. So I figured out how to make these silly things and I am using a slightly larger tee inside. I think you’ll like my slightly easier golf ball water globes. They are just the right difficulty. Unless you are a freak of nature named Rosann Kelly.



Golf Book
Learn how to make your own golf clubs, and play the game of golf. Coming soon!


Book A Lesson

To book a lesson, give me a call! (480) 466-0632.