Mobile entertainment for your next event. We’ve got you covered with yard games, carnival games, board games, group games, and the classic Airsquare — it’s like Four Square, but in the air! You bring the people, we’ll bring the fun!


The Classic Backyard Game — Fun For The Whole Family!

Yard Games

  • AirSquare – the funnest 4-way volleyball game you will ever play. (up to 14 players at a time)
  • Bottle Frisbee – a super fun bottle catching Frisbee game ( 4 players at a time)
  • King Pin – a really fun lawn game involving wooden blocks and dowel sticks. (4 players)

Carnival Games

  1. Double Breaker – get the golf ball into the hole
  2. Finger Blasters – who can knock the spaceship down first?!
  3. Walk the Plank – who can cross the beam without dropping the ball
  4. Tic Tac Toe – challenge a friend using magnetic darts
  5. Bucket Ball – who can bounce it in first?
  6. Launch the Duck – most  popular game for kids
  7. Ramp it Up – roll the bowling ball at just the right speed!
  8. Ring Toss – classic game everyone loves
  9. Bucket or Bust – make the bowling ball roll uphill into the bucket
  10. Plinko – Classic ball drop game
  11. Squeeze the Duck – little kids love this one
  12. Penny Toss – toss a penny in a glass to win!

Table-Top Games

  1. Golf Ball Water Globe – Can you get the ball on the tee?
  2. Shoot the Moon – try to get the ball all the way to Pluto!
  3. Space Labyrinth – who has the steadiest hands!
  4. Spot-It – best card game ever!
  5. Picturique – memory matching card game
  6. Swatter! – Trivia game using fly swatters!
  7. Booby Trap – one of my all-time favorites
  8. Tornado! – fun spinner game

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